by bringing life to visions

Founded in 1998, FLASH PRINT SYSTEM is a company known for digital printing, offset printing and production of ironmongery. Close, long-term cooperation with our clients is built, not only on the precision and quality of service and meeting of deadlines, but also on providing guidelines, strategies and innovative, creative content.

360 degrees of support

One company – many talented people, a customized solution for every challenge.

Personalized approach – we are a part of your team

You leave everything up to us. We will build a team of reliable partners and offer complete solutions based on your needs.

Product design and development – All for one

We combine the expertise and ideas of clients with our experience. Together we paint your vision.

Logistics – right on time!

Relax, we will spare you the stress of delivery! We organize the complete logistics process in the country and abroad because we know how important it is for you to arrive on time.

Production – an idea in actual color

We go through the whole process quickly and easily because we invest in right partners and have a clear and efficient structure. When the image from the mind takes on the contours of the reality, we know we have succeeded.


Becoming visible has never been harder.
It is no longer a matter of colour intensity, print quality, prominent line…
It is something that goes without saying for a long time in our country.

To become visible today means to bring life to the vision, to offer an innovative and unforgettable solution,
to paint the idea in actual colours.


Outdoor is the most popular and the simplest type of advertising. Messages that are easily noticed can be shared with a wide circle of potential users of services. Its features are noticeability and endurance of colours that remain intact for years. It is an ideal solution for long-lasting campaigns. Outdoor is the easiest way to build up your own brand and make it recognisable.

Van Graphic, Car Graphic, Banner, Wall Graphic, PVC Stickers, Mash, City Light, Billboard, Light Box, Window Graphic


Mobile Marketing is the most popular marketing tool that provides support to any company in terms of promotion of their range of products. Each company determined to present itself to users, chooses at least one of the tools from this group. Most of the products from this group can be easily and quickly adapted, they are mobile and extremely efficient, have a wide value of usage and are widely present in promoting of products and services.

Flayer Stand, Pop-up Wall, Totem, Roll-up, Promo pult, T Board, Light Counter, X Banner, Pop-up Counter, A Bord


POS Decorations serve to increase and boost impulsive sale of products and services. It is crucial to position, highlight, display and present a product or a service in places where clients make a decision. Therefore, help customers identify your brand easily and quickly. They are light, mobile, durable and permanent.

Pallet Island, Pallet Wrapper, Mock Up, Standee, Gondola, Cardboard Display, Cardboard Box, Wow Pallet, Category Branding, Floor Graphic


Offset is a technique of indirect printing and is the most common printing method in the world and in our country. This printing method is based on efficient and fast production, durability of printed products, quality and possibility to make large quantities in a short time period.
Advantages of offset printing are quality and clear colours and low prices. Offset offers the possibility to use all printable surfaces and high quality of commercial printing of large quantities.

Business Card, Catalogue, Flayer, Wobbler, Shelf Talker, Show Card, Bag, Coaster, Neck Hanger, Poster


Metal products are a category of marketing tools for direct and indirect advertising. Quality metal structures have a long life cycle and are easy assembled. They have additional decorations made of various materials that are suitable for branding and re-branding. According to your requests and needs, we will make a quality and unique product.

Metal display, Metal Board, Display, Cabin, Sign, Night Cover, Bar Table, Tent, Tent/Pagoda



Of course it is not. We understand the shades.

We believe in our clients’ businesses and their ideas.

We know that combined with our experience,
they get the right shade.

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